Here, in the Camargue, the bull is king.

For a long time we have bred them to perform in the arena in the « course camarguaise ». They owe their attributes - intelligence, ardour and aggressiveness – to the unique conditions in which they are raised ; in complete liberty and with the erudite selection of the manadier.

The best bulls carry out true careers in the Arena before profiting from a peaceful and well deserved retirement in the field in which they were born. Since 2001, Henry Laurent has been President of the Association of Manadiers.

Biou d’or
Le ‘Biou d’or’ is the highest reward which distinguishes the best bull from each season. With 12 Biou d’or the Laurent Manade is the most titled manade of the Camargue.

Tigre in 1959 and 1960, Caraque in 1962, Guy in 1965, 1966 and 1967, Gardon in 1974, Goya in 1976, Fidélio in 1985, Filou in 1987, Banco in 1990 and Rubis in 1997.

If there was ever a bull which has left it’s mark on the world of the « course camarguaise », it’s Goya.
His name is known by all and all those who had the chance to see him in action have the experience embedded in their memory. Equipped with an extraordinary physique, an impetuous attitude, a combative spirit, and intelligence, he was wild; a player,... he upset all the rules when he entered the arena. He always prevailed!
Filling the largest arenas on his name alone, he was able to reach the top with minimum error or carelessness. In a unique testimony to this bull of legend, a statue of him was erected in Beaucaire: obviously a sign of his popularity. He continued to receive many visits when, retired from the arena, he ran peacefully in the fields of The Marquises.

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