Today it is Patrick and Estelle who guard the future of the Laurent Manade. Third generation manadiers or stockmen who have the resolve to continue broadening the reputation of The Marquises. Here, in order for the inheritance to be passed down, it must first be deserved. Passion must tame itself. Patrick and Estelle know this well and have been strengthened by the experience inherited by their parents: Annie and Henry and before them, Paul the founder of the stock.

Paul Laurent
" My grandfather founded his stock in 1944 starting from the line of the Marquis de Baroncelli-Javon. He owes his nickname of "Pape de Bouvino", to his organising genius which lead him to of all the largest arenas in the south of France. His innovative spirit gave a second wind to the « course camarguaise »or bull races during the post-war period, promoting animal welfare as well as upping the stakes of the competition. He also created the Taurin Trophy  "


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